For the first two months after installation, treat all visible surfaces and edges twice a month with worktop oil such as Rustic oil or Danish oil. After this, the surface will need to be treated 4-6 times a year. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions closely. Please bear in mind that oily rags can self ignite and should therefore be kept in an airtight tin or similar. Under normal conditions of use, a wooden worktop will retain its elegant appearance for several years and in time become even more decorative. It is however important that you keep your worktop clean and dry and that you do not subject it to extremes of heat, moisture, scratching or staining. Please pay particular attention to the following:

  • daily cleaning should be done with ordinary soft soap or soap flakes (not detergent)
  • cleaning materials containing ammonia and scouring powder can cause discolouration
  • spills around the sink and taps should be wiped up immediately
  • certain foodstuffs can cause staining
  • wet metals can give rise to surface marks

always use a chopping board

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